Comparing the cost of rubbish removal in Sydney to Melbourne and other areas

Whether you are remodelling your home, cleaning out your garage or performing other related activities, you can generate a considerable amount of trash. While yourcurbside rubbish removal service in Sydney or Melbourne will remove some of the general waste or garden waste, the fact is that you may have rubbish that is not acceptable to the curbside service, you may have too much Sydney NSW Skyline from the airrubbish or you may be thinking about a more environmentally friendly way to dispose of the rubbish. More than that, you may need to find a cost-effective rubbish removal Sydney or Melbourne service with affordable tip fees

Different Types of Rubbish

Before you begin comparing tip fees and exploring the options available for removal service, you should understand that there are different types of rubbish. Some services will not accept specific types of rubbish, and you may need to sort this waste out on your home. For example, if you have renovated your home, and you have some material that contains asbestos, you may need to work with a specialized service to remove this material from the property. Garden waste may be recycled through a composting or mulching service. Some general waste may be acceptable to recycling companies. You can learn more about the types or rubbish at

Different Waste Removal Services Available

After you understand more fully what types of rubbish you need to remove from your property, you can take a closer look at some of the removal options. For example, some companies specialize in the removal of waste that can be recycled in some way, such as timber, scrap metal, yard rubbish and other related items. Others may specialize in the removal of items that can be donated to charity. Still other services may simply provide you with an affordable hauling solution that transports waste to the local landfill. Some companies actually will accept a large pile of mixed rubbish, and they will provide you with sorting services. The rubbish may be sorted so that it is donated, recycled or otherwise discarded if it truly unusable. 

The Cost of Having Rubbish Removed

The tip fees can vary based on the type of rubbish removal service that you need as well as the type and amount of rubbish that you have. For example, removing an old mattress from your property may cost $45, and metal rubbish that can be recycled may cost $15 regardless of the size of the load. General waste in a large trailer may cost as much as $155 or more to dispose of if you bring the trailer to the recycling company. More than that, the cost of removal in different ways varies. For example, while a large trailer of rubbish in Melbourne may cost $155 or more to dispose of, a large trailer of rubbish in a centre outside of the city may cost less than $100.

While the cost of rubbish removal is important to consider, you may also need to consider the functional aspect associated with getting your rubbish to a landfill or recycling centre. Some companies, such as Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal in Sydney, offer pick-up service. You can learn more about this Sydney company at

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